LucisArt 3

Category: Graphic editing and viewing
Developer: Image Content Technology LLC
Licence: Demo Licence
Added: 27.05.2011
Size: 5,2 Mb
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Downloads: 3286
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Test version of software available for free, without any time limit. Aplications in demo version are not fully functionable. This licence in mostly used in computer games

LucisArt 3 comes in two versions: LucisArt 3 ED (Enhance Detail) and LucisArt 3 ED/SE (LucisArt 3 ED bundled with LucisArt 3 SE (Special Effects)).

LucisArt 3 enables to reveal incredible image detail by moving one slider (image detail is revealed in the bright, dark and mid-range areas of your image simultaneously).

Moreover, LucisArt lets you to find out the creative potential of your image, e.g. by revealing numerous possible versions of your image.

You can also use LucisArt multiple times or combined with other image processing methods to even further expand the multitude of various effects.

LucisArt 3 ED provides the ability to fine-tune how you enhance detail, whereas LucisArt 3 SE gives you the Special Effects Watercolor (the Smooth Detail slider), Sculpture, and Plaid.

LucisArt 3 ED/SE demo installs both the demo LucisArt 3 ED and LucisArt 3 SE, however demo version imposes certain limitations, e.g. it t allows for viewing the LucisArt effects in the preview window for 30 days, after which the function is disabled and it doesn’t process your image. 
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