LTspice IV 4.10j

Category: Others
Developer: Linear Technology
Licence: Freeware Licence
Added: 07.01.2011
Size: 9,4 Mb
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Downloads: 11835
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It's a software published for free. Aplications on this licence can be used as free of charge. It is forbidden to draw material advantages of the third persons from distribution of this kind of sotware. Sometimes freeware licence have some limitations (for example, software is free of charge but only for home use)

Ltspice is a user-friendly application that allows you to design and test analogue and mixed electronic circuits. Among its many useful functions, Ltspice incorporates speed and ease with which one can design electronic circuits, also, the programme has an enormous elements library. When creating a circuit, you can either utilise the elements and features built in the programme, download some additional elements from the Internet, insert the parameters manually, or even design modules by yourself.

In the components library, apart from the basic elements, you will also find voltage stabilisers, current generators that have various functions, comparators, many types of diodes and many more.       
Graphic representations of the elements can be moved and turned without the fear of disconnecting them, what is more, you can also label and tag created patterns, and print them out when they’re finished. This is a comprehensive applications that will meet the needs of professionals. 
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