Hotspot Shield 2.76

Category: Protection software
Developer: AnchorFree Inc
Licence: Freeware Licence
Added: 22.10.2012
Size: 5,1 Mb
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Downloads: 597
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It's a software published for free. Aplications on this licence can be used as free of charge. It is forbidden to draw material advantages of the third persons from distribution of this kind of sotware. Sometimes freeware licence have some limitations (for example, software is free of charge but only for home use)

Hotspot Shield is a great application that protects entire web surfing session. This software works both on wired and wireless connections, protecting home and public networks. First of all it makes sure that all web transactions are secured with HTTPS protocol. Whenever you make an online payment, visit a bank website or fill any web forms, your computer is protected. In default mode Hotspot Shield makes every connection totally anonymous, unless you decide to change the settings. There are lots of options you can choose from, making this app completely elastic. All of the protection functionalities lies beneath a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between a computer or phone and Internet. It's a secured kind of gateway that prevents any information leaks. You can download Hotspot Shield on Windows or Mac OS X, though we only upload Windows version. There are two licences to choose from. Free which gives You a basic protection and Elite, paid premium solution.
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by: ~Kert , 08.07.2013

That's an inveintve answer to an interesting question

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