DAEMON Tools Lite 4.46

Category: CD/DVD Emulation software
Developer: DT Soft Ltd
Licence: Freeware Licence
Added: 03.11.2010
Size: 9 Mb
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Downloads: 2201
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It's a software published for free. Aplications on this licence can be used as free of charge. It is forbidden to draw material advantages of the third persons from distribution of this kind of sotware. Sometimes freeware licence have some limitations (for example, software is free of charge but only for home use)

DAEMON Tools Lite is by far one of the most popular and most advanced software for virtual CD/DVD drive emulation with support of security technologies such as Safedisc, Securom, Laserlock, CDCOPS, StarForce, Protect CD (and others). This is very useful for programs or games that require installation CD to be consistently placed in the drive to work properly. The program installs in the system tray of the taskbar from where you can easily make use of it. The Lite version allows you to mount up to 4 virtual CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives.

Another advantage of this application is that by substituting the hardware device with a virtual one, you can relieve the CD-ROM drive, which ensures work in much quitter conditions. The application is also extremely easy to use - access to all options can be obtained by clicking on the Daemon Tools icon, located in the system tray.

The latest version of Daemon Tools is still free (for personal use), but by default it installs adware advertising components (that can be switched off). The latest version has full support for Windows Vista and 7 and following CD formats are supported: cue/bin, iso, ccd (CloneCD), bwt (Blindwrite), mds (Media Descriptor File), cdi (Discjuggler), nrg (Nero), pdi (Instant CD/DVD), b5t (BlindWrite 5).
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