AudioGoGo 2.0

Category: Audio editing
Developer: Dariusz Baumann
Licence: Freeware Licence
Added: 21.12.2010
Size: 0,8 Mb
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Downloads: 1067
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It's a software published for free. Aplications on this licence can be used as free of charge. It is forbidden to draw material advantages of the third persons from distribution of this kind of sotware. Sometimes freeware licence have some limitations (for example, software is free of charge but only for home use)

AudioGoGo 2.0 is a simple audio converter that can be used to rip and encode CDs or WAV files to the most popular audio format MP3. The application converts files using a Japanese GoGo codec that is based on the popular LAME codec. AudioGoGo is integrated with a free CD database that can be found on This converter can be also used to get and save information about CDs to the special CDPLAYER.INI file. What is the most important, AudioGoGo is freeware and can be used without any additional payments.

AudioGoGo is a fast and multilingual converter that provides users with about 30 different languages to choose. Its interface is very clear and intuitive so no one should have any problems using it. If you need a freeware and simple audio converter to change your WAV files to MP3 you have found it. 
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